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When and Where
  • 7/10/2020 10:00 AM CDT
  • 8/14/2020 12:00 PM CDT
  • Online

Personal Protective Grounding with Jim Vaughn

July 7 - August 14, 2020

Two-hour sessions starting at 11am ET, full schedule below

In this course led by Jim Vaughn, CUSP, you'll get the detail and vigor of in-person training through a multipart webinar series. Basic and advanced personal protective grounding (PPG) will be covered, followed by equipment grounding and PPG in transmission construction. Each session in the series will be two hours long.

PPG 101 (Two Webinars) 

This webinar provides the information necessary to competently understand the electrical phenomena present when currents are flowing in grounded circuits. It also covers the three fundamental principles of current in grounded circuits and OSHA’s absolute requirements for de-energized utility work based on those three principles. 

Advanced PPG

Attendees of this webinar must have participated in PPG 101. Advanced PPG covers grounding for induction and unintended energizing using graphics to describe both transmission and distribution configurations. Discussion includes why the configurations work and why they comply with the OSHA and IEEE standards.

Equipment Grounding

This webinar covers OSHA’s expectations for grounding of equipment in an energized environment. It addresses the practical approaches necessary to meet the requirements of the standard and what it takes to ensure protection of employees.

PPG in Transmission Construction

This webinar covers the OSHA standards as well as the consensus standards recognized by OSHA that must be adhered to when pulling conductors in an energized environment. Discussion includes both grounding for protection from faults and grounding to protect workers from induction hazards. The session also addresses practical concerns for induction and practical worksite bonding of equipment at pulling, splicing and tensioning locations.

Course Schedule

11am ET | 10 am CT | 9am MT | 8am PT

all sessions are 2 hours long

Session 1 – July 10

Personal Protective Grounding 101

Session 2 – July 17

Personal Protective Grounding 101

Session 3 – July 24

Advanced Personal Protective Grounding

Session 4 – July 31

Equipment Grounding

Session 5 – August 7

Personal Protective Grounding in Transmission Construction

Session 6 – August 14

Summary / Questions and Answers